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Thanks for visiting Stop Doing Dumb Stuff, our site to help you get to financial independence no matter where your starting point is.

Our story is like many of you, limited financial education, dumb financial (and personal) decisions and bad investment/spending habits that lead to lots of debt, lots of tears and a very sick financial situation!

However if we can get out of debt and back on track financially then anyone can!

After years of wasting money on things we didn’t need or losing money on many poor investments, debt levels were high and there was nothing really to show for it!

We were working in underpaying jobs while struggling to makes ends meet, let alone become financially successful!

So we decided to change, with our first point of change to Stop Doing Dumb Stuff financially!

We started with small steps at first (going back to basics if you will) like completing a personal financial audit (to find out our true financial starting point), setting up a budget (as well as initially tracking every dollar spent) and building up an emergency fund. We then moved on to bigger steps such as setting up our automated personal financial hub, building our first income stream (first of several) and eventually paying down all credit card debt and personal loans.

This whole process didn’t happen overnight and it was quite difficult at times, however taking action, being consistent and staying focused on our financial goals (as well as being accountable) was a big part of our financial transformation. We also started to learn about setting goals, investing and passive income streams and as well as tips to become financially savvy.

This journey also began our love of building (and investing in) income streams (the more passive the better) and how this can be the key to financial freedom! Our journey of building our first income stream (built due to a lack of funds for investing) was also a great learning experience and with this (eventual) income directed initially went towards paying down debts, then towards building savings and additional investments and income streams.

One became two then three and before we knew it we had multiple thriving income streams and were well on the way to financial independence.

Now we want you to be financially successful!

No matter where you are financially there is something on this site to help you.

If you are struggling financially and need some help to get back on track, click here for more information.

If you are financially stable yet would like more information to make a little more money or to grow your assets and investment portfolio, click here for more information.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to Stop Doing Dumb Stuff and become part of our community.

Whether your aim is to get back on track financially or to build or multiply your investment portfolio, the time for action is today!

We wish you all the best in your financial journey and we look forward to hearing about your success!


Jason, Leanne, Ivan and the team at Stop Doing Dumb Stuff

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