5 Finance Gurus You Should Be Following

Investing has become a lot more difficult, particularly with the current economic environment most people are in. The amount of financial information and statistics that needs to be consumed is increasing at an exponential rate. It helps if you have someone who can filter a lot of this information for you and provide simple unbiased financial information to help you form opinions for your own investments. 

Luckily there are some quality finance professionals who offer great finance information services to help keep your investments on track. One organization that provides it is Mauldin Economics. Mauldin Economics is the home of several great free (and paid) newsletters as well as some research offerings to help boost your investment returns. 

Aside from offering some great free newsletters (some of which we will discuss below), Mauldin Economics also provides paid newsletters as well as offering access to quality research and investment opportunities. Led by its founder, John Mauldin, Mauldin Economics is a name that should be on the radar for any serious investor. Below we will go through some of the writers and newsletters that are part of the Mauldin Economics group or some writers/newsletters that have close ties to John Mauldin or Mauldin Economics and are people you should be following. 

John Mauldin and Mauldin Economics

About: The co-founder and namesake of Mauldin Economics and a fantastic writer of several books and the free weekly newsletter Thoughts from the Frontline (written since 2001), John Mauldin has been in the publishing game since the 1970’s and has evolved to become one of the preeminent financial publishers around today. 

Not only does John publish his acclaimed weekly newsletter, he has also written several books including Code Red: How To Protect Your Savings from the Coming Crisis to Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changes Everything. A native of Texas and a fan of the Cowboys and Mavericks, John now lives in Puerto Rico yet travels to the US regularly. 

John also hosts his own annual conference, the Strategic Investment Conference (SIC), usually held in May each year that attracts a who’s who of the finance and investment world to speak at the event.  

Why you should subscribe: John has a remarkable ability to break down in depth and detailed financial and economic topics into an easy to read (and understand) newsletter that most people (no matter your financial background) can follow.  

You won’t get an investment or stock pick from John in this newsletter, what you will get is a simplified big picture economic commentary usually on one of the various economic hotpoints of the current period. 

John has a massive network of financial and other professional contacts that he regularly taps into to provide a better quality newsletter, one that leaves you looking forward to the weekend ready to read John’s next newsletter installment. 

Not afraid to tackle most financial subjects, you may not agree with John on everything but he sure as hell will make you think! His writing is succinct, very well researched and this newsletter will provide a huge boost to your investments and is a must for any serious investor. 

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Jared Dillian

About: A popular finance & markets writer (and part time DJ who creates his own music) Jared is the writer of the free weekly newsletter The 10th Man as well as the paid newsletters Street Freak and The Daily Dirtnap.

Jared’s finance career began in the late 1990’s with a job on the floor of the Pacific Options Exchange.  After finishing a stint with the Coast Guard, Jared completed his MBA at the University of San Francisco then into his first Pacific Options Exchange and eventually moving to New York with a job as an ETF trader with Lehman Brothers. 

Jared worked with Lehman Brothers for most of the decade right up to their bankruptcy in 2008. After the demise of Lehman Brothers,  Jared moved into his newsletter publishing full time (having started writing whilst at Lehman) and it’s gone from strength to strength. 

Not only does Jared publish his free weekly newsletter, he writes paid newsletters Street Freak and The Daily Dirtnap, is also a freelance columnist with Bloomberg News and previously taught at Coastal Carolina University. Jared is also a published author in both the non-fiction realm (Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers) and in the fiction (All The Evil Of This World) space. As mentioned above Jared also moonlights as a DJ and performs regularly as well as creating his own music. Jared is based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Why you should subscribe: Jared is great at turning complex ideas and scenarios into a relatively simple and concise newsletter. Jared isn’t afraid to stick his neck out with his opinions and these sometimes fly in the face of conventional thinking.  

Similar to John’s newsletter above you won’t get an investment or stock pick from Jared in this newsletter (these are offered in his paid newsletter The Daily Dirtnap_ what you will get is a quality newsletter that will definitely make you stop and think and it offers a viewpoint that you may not have thought of previously. 

Jared’s newsletter also occasionally contains links to his impressive DJ work!

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Vitaliy Katsenelson

About: This recommended finance professional isn’t a part of the Mauldin Economics brand, however he is a close friend of John Mauldin’s and is part of his extensive network. 

Vitaliy was born in Russia and moved to the USA with his family as a young adult. Settling in Colorado, he studied at the University of Colorado (Denver) eventually achieving a degree and masters before going on to complete his CFA charter in 2000. 

Vitaliy is currently Chief Investment Officer and CEO of Investment Management Associates Inc (IMA) in Denver, has also taught investing to students at his alma mater (University of Colorado, Denver) and is also a published author (Active Value Investing and The Little Book of Sideways Markets).

Vitality’s investment writing can be found on his website, Contrarian Edge (more on that below) and he is also a fan of classical music (Vitaliy includes links to some of his favorite musical pieces in his writing and also runs the classical music website myfavoriteclassical.com) and art (he includes pictures of his fathers high quality art pieces) which is really good) and currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Why you should subscribe: Vitaliy is the man behind the website Contrarian Edge which is a collection of all of Vitaliy’s investment musings. These are a great read and a great insight into the mind of a quality value manager. By subscribing to Vitaliy’s email newsletter you will also get access to some of Vitaliy’s investment picks and philosophies.  

Click here to subscribe to Vitaliy’s website Contrarian Edge.

Gavekal (Charles & Louis-Vincent Gave)

About: Sticking with the theme of high quality financial professionals that are part of John Mauldin’s network, father and son combination Charles & Louis-Vincent Gave (from Gavekal) are names that you should also be following.

Gavekal is a financial services company that offers services around research, portfolio construction and money management. We will focus on the research area, the quality of which is some of the best in the finance industry. 

Gavekal was created in 1999 by Charles & Louis-Vincent Gave and Anatole Kaletsky. Charles’ background in finance began in France in the 1970, setting up his first company in 1974 (Cegogest) and eventually co-founding Gavekal.

Louis-Vincent’s background is studying at Duke University (as well as studying Mandarin at Nanjing University) then moving into the French Army as a second lieutenant. After a stint in the French Army, Louis-Vincent moved into the finance world with a position at Paribas (Paris) before moving to Hong Kong with Paribas. Louis-Vincent then left Paribas to form Gavekal with his father and Anatole. 

Both Gave’s are published authors and very polished writers within their Gavekal offerings.   

Why you should subscribe: Whilst there is a price (free trial offered) for their research, it is of a very high quality and if you are serious about investing (such as someone involved in managing money), Gavekal and their research should be on your radar. Gavekal’s broad (both in geographical and topical focuses) research offerings and in depth analysis offers great help in trying to navigate these tricky investment times we find ourselves in.  

Subscribers of John Mauldin’s Thoughts from the Frontline newsletter occasionally get access to some of the Gavekal research (as do subscribers to John Mauldin’s paid research service Over My Shoulder

Click here to learn more about Gavekal research

Thompson Clark Smarter Money Monday

About: Last but not least, Thompson Clark is our last recommended finance guru who should be on your radar. Thompson is part of the Mauldin Economics team, currently running the Smarter Money Monday free newsletter that focuses on small cap stocks. From his bio on the Mauldin Economics website:

Thompson Clark is a small-cap expert and value-focused investor with nearly a decade of experience in financial publishing.

Thompson joined Mauldin Economics in 2021 as a senior stock analyst after six years of investment research experience at Legacy Research Group and Agora Financial, both affiliates of the Agora Inc. family of companies.

As an investment research analyst, Thompson produced small and microcap US equities recommendations for thousands of paid subscribers. Previously, he was a sell-side analyst at Sidoti & Co., a small-cap focused research firm in New York City.

Thompson graduated from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in 2010 with a focus in finance and accounting. He lives in North Carolina.”

Why you should subscribe: Thompson is a really good analyst and stock picker in the small cap space. His Smarter Money Newsletter is a great read with many small cap gems that have provided some great returns. 

Click here to subscribe to Thompson’s Smarter Money Monday newsletter.

Anyone of these above writers/newsletters are well worth the subscription and we recommend you subscribe to at least all of the free newsletters.