5 Easy Ways To Earn an Extra $100

How To Earn an Extra $100

Times are tough, the cost of living has increased rapidly and it’s getting harder and harder to stretch your budget. With these increased living costs, who wouldn’t love some extra income in their pocket, even something like an extra $100.

Earning an extra $100 is something that can be done with a bit of application and you don’t need to have any special talents or qualifications and if you are prepared to put in the effort and happy to widen your horizons there are plenty of options available to you. There are also many options you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

The focus of this article is jobs or activities that can earn you $100 rather quickly however some of these ideas on this list will take longer than a day to receive the $100 even though you may perform the activity or job. 

Below we list some tips on how to earn an extra $100.

Sell household items to earn $100

One of the easiest ways to earn $100 quickly is to sell any unwanted or unused household items. This could be from old books or textbooks that have value, this could be from selling old vinyl records that you never listen to. 

This could be selling furniture that you never use, power or garden tools that never get used, fitness equipment or bicycles, electronic equipment or computer games that don’t get used, children toys that still hold value, there are plenty of options around your house. 

So if you are in desperate need for some additional money or you are long overdue for a spring clean, why not go through your entire house and backyard and look for any items of value that you no longer need and they have value. 

Places to sell these items include Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Ebay, your local classifieds or even setting up a neighborhood garage sale if you have enough items to sell. 

A note of caution, if you are selling items that the buyer is picking up from your home, be vigilant with your safety or even organize the pick up from a third party location and make sure you have the payment sorted before you let them take ownership of the item. There are plenty of examples of fraud with sales of items, be vigilant.    

If you don’t have items to sell but you are crafty enough to use parts or pieces around your house to build or create something, you could start a side hustle to earn some extra money.  

Examples could be using your woodwork talents to make a small table or using your sewing talents to make cute door stoppers that you can sell on similar marketplaces above or through craft focused sales websites such as Etsy.  

If you need an extra $100 quickly open your mind to the possibilities inside your own home and start making some extra money today!

Flip items to earn $100

A slight variation to the above point, if you are talented enough to improve items or to find arbitrage opportunities you may be able to find free or cheap items and improve them then sell these for a profit. 

A simple example of this could be seen with neighborhood verge collections where some city councils allow their residents to place any unwanted non hazardous items on the verge for others to either collect themselves or if no one has collected these by a certain day, the council organizes a dump truck to pick up these unwanted items. 

Within these dumped items this can be a veritable gold mine for those talented enough with woodworking, metal work or electronics. Examples of items left for junk could be old televisions which may have value, quality electronic items (such as vacuum cleaners) that need some electronic work yet if fixed are of value, even run down or slightly damaged furniture that with some slight improvements and a coat of paint or varnish are turned into something quite valuable. 

Finding arbitrage opportunities are a little bit harder yet can offer some nice pay days. According to the Oxford online dictionary, arbitrage means “the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset”.

On a simple level this could mean visiting your local department store and finding an item being sold at a substantial discount, yet being sold online at a secondary sale website at higher prices. An example of this could be buying a children’s toy or doll on special in bulk then visiting an online marketplace/website to sell these at a higher price, thereby realizing an arbitrage profit. 

This method can also be found with people buying (blind) Amazon pallets of returned or unsold items. Whilst Amazon is selling cheap to get rid of these items (and to clear space) there are plenty of opportunities to sell some of these items for a profit. 

While these above methods to earn $100 quickly are great options, they will likely take a bit more time. If you have talent in your hands or a good eye for a bargain, this is a great method for earning $100.   

Jobs to earn $100

The easiest way to earn an extra $100 (at least if you currently have a job) is to approach your boss for a payrise. If approved you’ll likely hit the extra $100 pretty quickly, likely within a day or a week. 

If a pay rise isn’t in the cards or isn’t an option then there are other opportunities to earn an extra $100 through your efforts. 

Setting up a side hustle or taking on a 2nd job are easy ways to earn an extra $100 and can be done inside your home or at an external location. 

Jobs or side hustles to earn an extra $100 from your own home could involve:

  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Join the online gig industry such as a freelancer
  • Earn money watching videos
  • Become a social media expert and help businesses with this
  • Help individuals become better with social media
  • Help people with their dating profiles or even find dates
  • Babysitting at your house
  • Tutoring a talented or skill you possess such as math or music
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Build an online business

Jobs or side hustles to earn an extra $100 outside your own home could involve:

  • Join the gig economy such as delivering people, food or parcels
  • Dog walking or pet cleaning 
  • Canvas the neighborhood and offer basic landscape or car cleaning services
  • If you have power or garden tools and can use these offer your neighborhood services
  • Get paid to help others such as taking the elderly shopping (ideally register with a local organization or offer this service to acquaintances)
  • Become a secret shopper
  • Test products for money

These are just some small lists to earn an extra $100 from your own home or outside your own home. It’s likely that one of these above roles will earn well over $100 if you take on the gig over a longer term and could be a great way to boost your finances and super charge any debt repayment or investment plans. 

Focus groups, survey or Rewards websites to earn $100

Another great way to earn extra money (either from your own home or outside of this) is to find focus groups, surveys or rewards programs that can either provide you with cash or vouchers that you can exchange for goods you regularly buy such as groceries or household equipment. 

Focus group companies contracted by business to gather research. This could be about product or service reviews, new product idea testing or even gathering ideas to improve or refine current products or services. Examples of popular focus groups that offer cash rewards or vouchers for useful products include Respondent and User Interviews.

Survey companies are another great way to earn an extra $100 either in cash or in vouchers. Just by spending a small portion of your day answering questions about your shopping preferences or your listening or viewing preferences can allow you to build up significant balances with these survey companies that you can cash out for vouchers or even in some cases cash. 

Popular survey sites include Swagbucks, Branded Surveys and Ipsos. With survey sites make sure you use top quality companies and be careful not to have too large of a balance in case something happens to the survey company you use and all your rewards are gone or they change their terms and conditions and make it harder to cash in this balance.  

Another way to earn money or rewards is through bonus, loyalty or rewards programs. These could be attached to your credit card provider or bank, your insurance provider, your telecommunications provider or even your favorite department store. Just be aware that you aren’t paying extra money for rewards that aren’t worth it or if you are using your credit card for extra items you don’t need all to get more points or rewards. 

Be careful  not to create a false economy when using this method. 

Health research or donate blood, plasma, sperm or hair

A more unusual or at times more obscure way of earning an extra $100 is by donating blood, other body fluids that are used medically or even hair. Now this method to earn an extra $100 is dependent on the city/country that you live in however it could be an option for you to look into.

Many health research participants can get good money for studies that they are suitable for. Depending on the length of these studies these amounts can go into the thousands. These paid studies can be hard to find (particularly those suitable for you) however reach out to your local university or hospital to see if there are any available and obviously do your research to make sure there is no risk to your health by enrolling and participating.  

Another way to earn an extra $100 through the medical industry is to donate blood, plasma or even sperm (if this fits within your moral bounds and is legal in your country).Again depending on your place of residence some good money can be made via this method. Now some people have serious concerns about sticking needles into their arms and this may disqualify this method however if you don’t mind needles and hospital like environments then do some research into this method.  

In the US and Canada, there is some nice money to be earnt donating plasma. According to The Conversation, in Canada “Paid plasma donors can donate up to twice per week and can earn in excess of $500 per month by donating at the maximum frequency”. CSL and Grifols are just two of the companies that offer payment for the collection of plasma. 

In some countries you can earn money from donating blood. Again there are limits to how much and how often as well as any underlying medical conditions (plus you need to be able to handle needles) however you should be able to earn $100 after two blood donations in countries such as the USA. 

Even if you can’t earn money donating blood this is a great way that can help a lot of people so if you are healthy we recommend you donate blood at least once a year!

For males (providing you fit the sperm banks screening service), donating sperm (if this fits well with you morally) is another great way to earn at least $100. Most sperm banks offer at least $100 per successful deposit and most sperm banks will accept up to 2 donations per week. This method won’t suit everyone, however this method can really boost your bank account.

An unusual way to make an extra $100 is through donating hair. Provided your hair is a certain color, length and of quality, places such as Bloomsbury or Banbury Postiche pay money for hair donations which is used for wigs or medical research.

There are plenty of ways you can earn an extra $100 in plenty of places around the world and there should be no excuse why you can’t go out and try to earn some money. If you are educated (or not), handy with tools or have a talent or skill, the above list covers many examples and ways for you to earn an extra $100 in a reasonably short amount of time. 

Now some of the above examples can earn an extra $100 quicker than others, however the quicker you investigate these examples the quicker you can start making money. If you would like some alternative ways to improve your finances or to help with your debt levels then go through the previous articles in this website and start your new financial journey today!